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Noden AB


Fun little web ad that promotes an interactive class. The class is meant to help business leaders in understanding and preparing for new technology. The ad illustrates this by showing a relatable moment: when something suddenly is all digitalized and you just have to get with the program. In this case analogue hotdogs are gone for good.

The job involved both writing the script and copy, as well as designing the logo and overall graphic language of the campaign.


- Could I have one hotdog please?

- Sure, okay!

(Presses a button labelled "hotdog")

- Uh, so, do you have any non-hologram sausages, or...?

- Nah, we don't do those anymore.

(Title: "Prepare for the new normal / Ponera — the thought game / an interactive thought game about the near future")

Post credit: - Mm, actually not too shabby.


As the course was meant to be fun and interactive, I made a style that eludes to an erratic, "scrap-booky" feel, while still maintaining a slick and modern sensibility.

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